Jason 'Hawke' Mediveh, a runner specializing in Hacking and Security.


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Oy. Good to meet’cha chum, name’s Jason. Not too many people come in to the shop asking for me by name, and fewer still are direct enough to call me “Hawke” too. You seem like a guy with his files neatly sorted and you’re confident enough to think you’ve got a clear idea of what you’re doing here. Oh, I see you eyeballing that AK-97, she’s a beaut’ isn’t she? She’s been upgraded with a laser sight and folding stock already.

Look, not a lot of folks walk in here off the street in a decent suit and a cred stick in your jacket pocket, so let me tell you a bit about myself. I might seem like your average modern guy, working a few hours a week at the “Lead Diplomacy” arms shop here in Redmond. You’ll certainly find me spending just as much time as a lot of the other kids up on the Matrix, trolling boards and reading scraps of news as they leak out. There are a few things that you probably don’t know about me, though, and maybe one or two of your suspicions that are correct.

First thing’s first, you might see me spending a lot of time in AR, but don’t forget that other fact: I work for a weapons dealer. I get first dibs with all the weapons and, yes my friend, I know damn well how to use most of them. Piss me off and you’ll find yourself staring down the business end of a FN HAR that I’ve personally upgraded. Keep on my good side, though, and I’d be glad to show you how to improve that pistol inside your jacket for a modest sum of Nuyen.

Second, and more importantly, in the amount of time it’s taken me to briefly introduce myself, I’ve already pulled up every last bit of information on the Matrix about you, sorted it by importance, and helped myself to a few of your emails that sounded particularly interesting. I’ve already checked all your references and followed your footsteps, so you can go ahead and keep that Mitsuhama badge in your pocket. Yes, I’m aware that there’s a shell company’s name on the badge, but believe me, it’s pretty obvious where the money’s flowing to and from.

Now that we’ve become perfectly clear with each other, let’s go ahead and address that last message you got from your boss. If you’ll follow me to the show room, I’ll show you the latest gear we’ve got in recently to ensure the success of your next (cough) acquisition. Once we’ve made my manager happy with his weekly revenue needs, we can meet up at a bar around the corner later tonight. They serve a fantastic ale and steak special, plus the corner booth is blissfully silent and secluded for our discussion on how I can help your team disappear from the cameras and logs of your target.


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